K9 Wear for Tommy Bahama

K9 Wear for Tommy Bahama

K9 Wear has entered into a special partnership with Tommy Bahama to present a stylish collection of harnesses, apparel, leashes and collars. The brand’s signature island vibe is very much in evidence.

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Apparel Harness - Tommy Bahama®Apparel Harness - Tommy Bahama®
Hawaiian Shirt - Tommy Bahama®Hawaiian Shirt - Tommy Bahama®
Raincoat - Tommy Bahama®Raincoat - Tommy Bahama®
Sale price$65.00
Denim Jacket - Tommy Bahama®Denim Jacket - Tommy Bahama®
Quarter Zip - Tommy Bahama®Quarter Zip - Tommy Bahama®
Tommy Bahama Adjustable CollarsTommy Bahama Adjustable Collars
Tommy Bahama 5 Foot LeashTommy Bahama 5 Foot Leash
Sale price$29.00
Everyday Harness - Tommy Bahama®Everyday Harness - Tommy Bahama®

All collars and leashes made with Biothane®

Our waterproof collars and leashes are made with Biothane, a stronger, longer lasting and more humane alternative to leather. Products are easy to care for, 100% non-toxic, waterproof, durable and, most importantly, promote animal safety. The smooth surfaces won’t pull on a dog’s fur or scratch sensitive skin. Plus, the softness and flexibility ensure your dog is comfortable. The line is made in the USA using global components.

Live the Island Life!

The Most Fashionable Outfits for Your Dog

Dog lovers, breeders and fashion designers worked to create this exclusive collection of dog apparel. High quality materials, fun prints, vibrant colors and ease-of-wear guarantee your dog will not go unnoticed. All outfits attach to our Apparel Harnesses with a few simple clicks. The beauty of these designs is that your dog will not even feel the weight of the clothing. Dressed to the nines, these stylish outfits let your dog’s personality shine through. How cute is that?