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Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

One Harness


Our HARNESS is the best-in-class for simplicity, function & comfort. It is the only hybrid harness in the market that solves pet outfit sizing issues. All of our outfits fit perfectly to the same harness.


The OUTFITS are designed to be used collaboratively with the harness. Even the pickiest of dogs are happy, they don’t even know they are wearing a garment.

Focusing on Kindness First


We know SIMPLICITY is the key. One harness allows unlimited garment and costume options.

The Highest Quality


Our GUARANTEE is for life, even if your dog simply outgrows it.

Balancing Function & Comfort with Style


AKC Judge approved for sizing and fit.

Striving for a Mutual Bond

Coming Soon

We look to the FUTURE marketplace with on-demand customization. Optional Integrated TECH includes activity tracker, geo-locator and more.

James Straggas

Prior to founding K9 Wear James has spent the past decade consulting for Fortune 500 brands and retailers on marketing best practices.

He gives full credit to K9 Wear to his Boston Terrier Ronnie.

Mike Connolly

Mike Connolly has led sales and service teams for the past decade at CarGurus, Experian, Windstream, and PAETEC, and is currently SVP of sales at EverQuote. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Tufts University.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys running and hiking with his rescue dog Murphy.

Steve Zanette

Steve is a strategic, creative, and analytical marketer with a proven track record of leading innovative programs that drive results. He is driven by a true entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute passion for groundbreaking marketing. With over ten years in the industry, Steve has created and successfully executed fully integrated and digital-only experiences across a diverse range of world class brands such as Reebok, Chewy, Vistaprint, and Leesa.

Chad Petipas

Chad has joined the Team from the world of B2B Tech Sales. Since being at K9 Wear, he's found his work very fulfilling and is excited to finally have an excuse to adopt a dog of his own. 

Serena Samson

Serena joined the Team as our Social Media Manager and Content Strategist. She is currently attending Chico State as a Business marketing major, while gaining valuable hands-on experience at K9 Wear.