The Last Harness You'll Ever Buy

k9wear apparel harness

The Apparel Harness:

An Incredibly Safe Interchangeable Harness

We designed a unique harness to provide the ultimate in safety, fit, comfort and style for your dog.

Both our Tommy Bahama Apparel Harnesse and our K9 Wear Apparel Harness were tested extensively over a three year period on breeds of every size. From a 3 pound Chihuahua’s to 180 pound Great Dane, we designed these harnesses to accommodate a variety of dog sizes and their preferences. Safety was the number one priority in our design process.

SNAP Front - VELCRO Under!

It's that simple!

Crafted from the same mesh webbing that the U.S. military uses for its dog harnesses, the Apparel Harnesses are a customer favorite. The harness secures around the neck, with an adjustable and patented solid metal buckle. It also fastens around the waist of your dog using patented 3M low profile Velcro, ensuring a strong hold without snagging any dog fur. 

In terms of style, our Apparel Harness revolutionizes the way we dress our dogs. Each interchangeable outfit is compatible with the harnesses, enabling you to easily attach a variety of  high quality, fashion-forward outfits with one simple click. And since the  dog clothing attaches to the top of the harness, your dog will not even know it is wearing anything besides the lightweight harness. This harness can be used alone or with any of our apparel items.

orange sweatshirt for dogs

Our sizing chart allows you to find the perfect fit, upping to the comfort factor. Once you know your dog’s harness size, it's easy to find the right apparel size for any outfit. Switch it up with a puffer coat one day, a denim jacket the next, and a quarter zip the next. You will have the best dressed dog in the neighborhood!

Apparel Harness


Passes through apparel for leash attachment

Reflective webbing

Velcro attachment

Engraved metal buckel

Military grade mesh and webbing

The Tommy Bahama Everyday Harness

The Tommy Bahama Everyday Harness, also made with military grade mesh,  is a stand-alone harness. It is not compatible with our outfits, but instead offers a premium style with two stainless steel D-rings, for an incredibly strong and safe product. The step-in style promotes ease-of wear. Your dog simply steps into it. This harness is perfect for dogs who pull. Walks are enjoyable — for you and your dog.